Monday, 25 January 2016

UK Legal Pocket Knives and Sheaths.

Just a few lines on my recent leather works.

At the tail end of 2015 I decided to design and make a wet formed belt sheath for the Boker Tech Plus knife (UK legal carry). I purchased the knife from Hennie Hayes to sell with the sheath and its really turned out well (if I say so myself)

The Boker Tech Plus folding knife is a wonderful tool at a sensible price coming razor sharp out of the box. There are plenty of reviews out there on the net.

In a similar style I've been making leather sheaths for two, three piece MOD clasp knifes. A few piccies to follow.

Well that's about all folks for the time being. Just to say if your interested in any of the sheaths and knifes (UK legal carry) pleased drop me a line.

Thanks for reading.