Saturday, 16 January 2016

Matt Graham Primitive Bush Knife - Handmade Sheath.

The first blog of 2016, so firstly a belated happy New Year. 

I was commissioned to make a leather sheath for a Matt Graham Primitive Bush Knife. Wow what a substantial knife. So, just a few lines and lots of pictures in the production of the sheath.

Finished Sheath

After finally working out the design for the sheath as normal I produced a cardboard template before cutting out the leather. The picture above shows the cut out beveled belt loop and makers logo stamped into the rear of the sheath.

It soon became clear that if the blade was going to sit and hold safely in the sheath it needed to be a snug fit. I wanted to part wet form the sheath to the handle. The handle being so chunky required a built up welt toward the top part of the sheath to accommodate the handle. A challenge as I had never tried this before but it turned out very well.

The last few pictures of the finished sheath. A truly enjoyable production and as always learnt a lot more about leather work.

Thanks for reading my first short blog for 2016.