Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pau Rosa Polar 95 Hammered Carbon Knife.

It's been quite a while since I wrote a post for the blog no reason for that other than real life coming first!

My first real project as The Bearded Woodshed was the production of a Nordic Style Polar 95 knife with sheath which has already found a home.

Once I had purchased the Polar 95 hammered blade it was time to start work. A picture description follows:

Brass Generic Bolster

Bolster shaped,sized and polished to fit the blade.

Completed bolster with Red Fibre and Pau Rosa wood for the handle.

The work is then all sized, dry fitted and finally glued and placed into a press until dry.

Once dry its time to start to shape using a belt sander.

More wood removal

Eventually you get to see the shape of the handle come out of the wood.

Its then a case of completing the shaping by hand and working through a series of sandpaper grits to achieve a good finish. The wood was finished with a  few dressings of Danish Oil. I love the shape and colour of the handle. A perfect fit in the hand.

Time to make a sheath for the knife. I decided on a natural finish to the sheath with a dressing of Walnut Oil.

Well a quick blog on the knife and sheath. Hope you liked the work.

Than you for reading.