Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Waldgeistman becomes The Bearded Woodshed.

So, after some soul searching I have decided to offer various items for sale and have started to trade under the business name of "The Bearded Woodshed" So, hopefully things will go well.

Please see a small review of the MOD Leather clasp knife sheath given by Gary Wale Senior Instructor with the Bushcraft and Survival School (BaSS). I have also written a small piece on this blog regarding the sheath thewoodlandway.blogspot mod clasp knife sheath This is the first item available for sale.


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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Yew Walking Stick

I have had a piece of yew wood drying out for over 3 years, time to get too work. Yew wood never disappoints me with the colours in the grain of the wood. So of we go a Yew walking stick.


With the growths taken off.
The shaft that I had chosen so many years ago was not as good as I had originally remembered it to be.  The top of the shaft was rotten with multiple fractures to the wood, the bark was not in good order and unlike birch shaft would be difficult to clean up.

After some work cutting back the top of the shaft for the handle you can see the fractures made by water.

I had to cut back the wood further than I wanted and had quite an unusual area to the front of the handle, but like most things when working in wood it leads you into its own design.

The finished handle with a wonderful area for your thumb (if your right handed) Yew wood looks great with wonderful colours.

The finished stick I actually love the way the stick has finally turned out so different with a white shaft. Normally the bark is left on but in this case it looks good. The handle turned out well despite all the cut backs due to the water damage.You can see where your thumb sits on the stick.

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