Saturday, 27 June 2015

Medieval Stylee Altoids Pouch.

So I had some scrap leather and an Altoids tin what does one do with such items? I know a medieval stylee pouch for the tin. Which in the fullness of time will probably contain a flint and steel fire lighting kit. Actually, working without plans and no template was quite nice, a couple of things I would have completed differently, but next time...if there is one. Apologies for way the pictures came out...

I used the tin for a sort of template but estimating the amount of leather required is difficult. Once the holes were marked, quickly made holes with a leather bradawl. The stitching was completed with a running stitch and I then came back on myself and tied the waxed thread off.

How would I attach the simple pouch to a belt? so I punched four holes and cut the leather in between, I'm not sure how long this will hold, we will see, again this was simple.

Marked and made the holes to assist with the sewing and stitched it together then turned it out.

Marked the cover out and cut it into the shape I wanted. I decided that I would use a simple closure for the pouch using a button and waxed cord. The button was cut from a piece of seasoned Blackthorn rubbed down and drilled.

The button then sewed onto the flap with waxed thread. Four holes then punched into the pouch at the bottom the waxed cord threaded through as a drawstring, very simple but perfect.

Initially I just tied the bottom of the drawstring but was not happy. So I went digging into my beads box and found two great looking recycled glass beads, they are so like the beads that the Vikings used in necklaces.

So much better with the glass beads and adds a little weight to the drawstrings. The finished article not sure how often I will use this lovely little pouch but I enjoyed making the pouch additionally it took no time at all to make a good project.

Sorry about the way the pictures turned out but you get my drift. Thanks for reading as usual.

Stay safe.



  1. Very nice work, maybe next time a medieval cigar case that holds 2 cigars and a light. That I would like to see. Take care enjoy the summer. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Clive, how are you. That's a good idea although it is a very rare occasion that I smoke a nice Cuban these days, trying to stay healthy LOL.

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