Monday, 4 May 2015

Enzo Nordic Knife Sheath

Just a few lines to tell you about the sheath I had not planned to make till after my trip to Sweden. However, being fogged and rained in and getting bored so quickly, I knocked this little sheath out for the Enzo knife blade that I handled. I did my normal routine of designing the sheath and then making a paper template to work around on the leather. As the handle had some red in it I thought a good scheme would be black dye and red stitching, the handle being off Hornbeam and white would look good, I wasn't disappointed. What follows is a serious of photographs of the finished sheath. Normally i take pictures as I go but not this time. I incorporated a little design on the leather sheath and stamped my little Waldgesitman Logo onto the front of the work.

Thanks for reading.


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