Saturday, 9 May 2015

Wooden Rings Pt 2

Just another follow on of yesterday. I decided to make a few more rings out of some scrap pieces of wood I had lying around. I do like the results. Picture heavy I'm afraid but not much more to say from the last Wooden Rings blog.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Bubinga Mens Wood Ring

Bubinga Wood
Having been looking at wooden rings on the internet and pinning pictures to my Pinterest site. I thought how difficult can it be!!! I have some nice Bubinga wood so its time to try something a little different. I used my wedding ring as a sort of design template in regards to size. So what follows is a how to using pictures it is incredibly easy to make  simple but very tactile ring. It took just over two hours from start to finish.
Decide on the size of wood

Drill a hole roughly the right size

Saw the edges off

Sand and rub

Nearly finished sanding

Still sanding


So really simple have a go.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Enzo Nordic Knife Sheath

Just a few lines to tell you about the sheath I had not planned to make till after my trip to Sweden. However, being fogged and rained in and getting bored so quickly, I knocked this little sheath out for the Enzo knife blade that I handled. I did my normal routine of designing the sheath and then making a paper template to work around on the leather. As the handle had some red in it I thought a good scheme would be black dye and red stitching, the handle being off Hornbeam and white would look good, I wasn't disappointed. What follows is a serious of photographs of the finished sheath. Normally i take pictures as I go but not this time. I incorporated a little design on the leather sheath and stamped my little Waldgesitman Logo onto the front of the work.

Thanks for reading.