Sunday, 19 April 2015

Old Hickory Butcher Knife Project Pt 2

After finishing the Butcher knife it was time to try and complete a sheath that incorporated a Mora frost knife. A project that brought many challenges. After many thoughts about the way I would approach this matter. I was asked to do formed sheaths. In retrospect a flat sheath would have been better I believe. As the project unfolds you will see that the end product changed. I started by wet forming the sheaths for both the butcher and mora.
The picture on the right is also showing not a Mora but a UK legal Joker pocket knife sheath I'm also working on. After cutting out and constructing the sheaths and applying the rands inside,how was I going to construct it all?

I constructed a belt loop and hanger for the sheath. Eventually I worked out how I could stitch both sheaths together.
Mora Frost and wet moulded sheath
Time to try and construct all the parts to this sheath. It did seem to be too long when put together, in fact the butcher sheath looked good by its self.

The two sheaths piggy backed, stained holes made and ready to be stitched. One of the many issues was that the More needed space to be drawn from the sheath and got caught on the bottom of the handle of the butcher blade, hence the long sheath. In the end we decided to settle on the single sheath for the butcher knife. In retrospect this was probaly the best way to to approach the project. I have to say that the from the reshaping of the tang for the Old Hickory and the development of the sheath has been a great learning curve. I love the way the handle for the knife has turned out including the choice of wood. The sheath although not what we really planned for is in my opinion a good looking and functional sheath.

The finished sheath, a lot of stitching involved here. I had never constructed a knife hanger and belt loop something else new for me.

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