Saturday, 11 April 2015

North Downs Morning Training Walk

Its that time again where I try and start to get my old battered body into some sort of shape in readiness for the coming walking year. So, Saturdays are my longer walks out minimum about five miles.  I am fortunate to have part of the North Downs way on my doorstep, the White Cliffs of Dover. Its a regular walk out. Today the weather was cloudy but with a howling cold wind which was not an issue on the way out but come the turn around point, hard work. I always take my little dog Pants with me he is good company. So below will be a picture heavy blog depicting my morning walk. The plan today was to walk about 8 miles round trip carrying a  day sack weighted to 30lbs. In the end we did 8.5 miles in 2 hours 50 mins. Where possible I like to keep a steady pace of between 18 - 20 min miles. Making 3 miles an hour. The weather was quite bad and the A20 leading into Dover and the Ports was chocker with lorries queuing to make the ferries. A sight. No matter the weather on the cliffs they always seem to throw up some lovely scenes.

I really like the picture above the wind seems to be combing the grass and the bushes are totally swept even when the wind is not blowing.

Looking back into Folkestone it didn't look as bright on the return trip as it started to rain.

Don't look down.

Samphire Hoe in the distance on the picture above which is the spoil from the Euro Tunnel now a visitors area.

Work is currently taking place on the cliffs to stabilise them from rock fall onto the rail tracks below.

Time to turnaround and attempt the slight hill on the way back. Wind in my face on the way up blowing after getting up. In summary a nice walk out and good training.

 Thanks for reading have a good weekend.



  1. Great walk. Really enjoyed the view's

  2. Clive, thanks mate hope your well. Hows the mead ?

  3. The mead is great. Cloud free it will go down well in the spring by a fire.
    keep up the good work i really enjoy the blog and how you manage to produce some fantastic pieces.

  4. Clive, thanks for the kind words, I will do my best. When you pop the top on the mead enjoy your hard work, and think of us all. Slange.