Saturday, 7 March 2015

The MOD Clasp Knife Sheath.

Having had an old MOD clasp knife knocking around for years I thought it would be nice to make it a home.

Firstly, I wet molded the leather to the knife and once dry cut it into the shape that I wanted the sheath to be and marked the stitching holes.

I then made the backing for the wet molded leather and stitched and glued the two together. The thread is artificial sinew.

Finally, instead of using a leather dye the final coating was with Olive oil and I have to say I love the way a two tone effect has occurred to the leather. The knife and sheath in harmony. I'm pleased with this little sheath its turned out well. Leather working has certainly got my interest even though I'm still learning so much. The next project is a molded leather pouch for a Leatherman Wave currently a WIP.

Thank you for reading, till the next time.