Sunday, 29 March 2015

Joker Necker

Having bought a UK legal folding pocket knife the Joker a good name. The blade being made from Carbon (it does also come in stainless) and the handle from Olive wood. I did some homework as normal and the Joker had some really good reviews. I thought I would make a neck sheath for for the little Joker. So just a series of pictures follow.

I should have used tan dye but never mind. The black never took to well either, having forgot to clean it with spirit prior to dying. Despite all of these little niggles the project is nice and functional. I very simple design fro the sheath.

I have used 550 Mil Spec Paracord for the neck strap in the fullness of time might get some Red or Black.

I'm also working on a moulded piece of work to make a horizontal belt sheath for the Joker. We will see how that all works out. I'm still working on the Butcher Sheath....

Thanks for reading.


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