Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Every Day Carry (EDC) Pouch

So I did mention in a previous post that I would be trying to make an Every Day Carry (EDC) pouch. It was slightly harder than anticipated.

Firstly the choice of items for my first attempt at an EDC? well I went for a UK legal pen knife along with a small torch. Despite both items being really well priced they both get glowing personal reviews. I only tend to buy any products after research which mainly revolves around user reviews.

Hennine Haynes  was the preferred choice for the purchases. http://www.heinnie.com/

Schrade Sodbuster

Fenix E01 Mini Torch
I'm not going to go through the whole procedure of the manufacture of the EDC. However, I had to have two goes at trying to get it right. Again like many other projects I learnt so much and how to improve for the next time.

Firstly, cut the leather and wet mold it to the knife and torch easier said than done. Then let it dry and cut to the required shape.

Then cut the back section shape, glue, dye and sew job nearly done.

Finally use an old antler tang to work all the edges of the leather. I'm happy with the first attempt despite a few things that could have been completed in a better way. Despite all of that the knife and torch fit very well and are not loose and I like the EDC.

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