Monday, 19 January 2015

The First Sheath

This is just a short post to show my first attempt at making a leather knife sheath. Despite taking several days to make the sheath I have learnt some important lessons. One of which is to have plenty of needles at hand.

Polar 75 Blade with Cherry handle

Actually for my first attempt I'm reasonably happy. Its not going to win an award for beauty but a very solid sturdy working sheath. The finish is in an acorn colour dye.

I left a small hole at the bottom to allow water out.
The making of the holes for stitching is another area where lessons are learnt quickly. The rear of the sheath shows where I went off line with the awl trying to come through. In the end I opted for Dremmel to make the holes this is the procedure I will use in all other leather projects.

Well short and sweet thank you for reading. Time to make some more sheaths and another knife handle for a Enzo Nordic blade.



  1. Wow, great work for your first try. As you said, you've got a good knife sheath. But more importantly better skills for next time.

  2. Trebor thank you for your kind comments. Yes, lot's of lessons learnt, I'm looking forward to the next leather project whatever that might be.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gary, I'm off to a decent start.

  4. Man of many talents. Nice work.

  5. Clive, thanks mate. How's that mead coming along?

  6. Its time to bottle it, when it's racked you get a snifter and its smooth, so a couple of weeks in the bottle then to the fridge ready to drink.