Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sheath Anssi 150

Just a quick post on the latest new sheath I have made for my Anssi 150 knife handle I fitted. Despite my worries about making a sheath for a 6 inch blade and a failure I had, the sheath has turned out really well.

Making the template gave me some challenges resulting in my first attempt at cutting the the leather from the template coming up short. Another lesson learnt take your time with the template and get it right before applying and cutting the leather.

Apart from the mistake with the template the construction went well. The picture above shows the glued but not sewn sheath. The edging also needs to be cut back and smoothed.

I thought that it would be nice to try and get some simple detailing in as you can see above. Again new to me and challenging until I got the right tool for the job. I bought the leather from an Ebay business I have to say that it was quite different from the leather bought from EnglishHandMadeKnives.

The sewing has become quite relaxing now that I have mastered the process. After marking and gluing I use the awl to mark the locations for the holes. No awl any more a Dremmel with  very small drill bit, it works very well. Last time I got through four needles breaking trying to squeeze them through the holes a pain. But not any more and the stitching looks so much better.

I will give the sheath a further buff up later. The next project in leather is going to be a EDC type pouch for a knife and mini torch. However, I have an Enzo Nordic Carbon 01 blade to handle.

I have designed and made a template for the Enzo. In terms of what will make up the handle I have made my mind up yet. However, Bone,Red & White fibre, and the wood......

Hope you have enjoyed the read, thank you.



  1. Nice work mate - hows the knife coming on?? I almost bought myself an Enzo Nordic not so long ago ...........

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. Not started yet mate, busy trying to make EDC's.

  3. Nice work. Where do you find the time?