Sunday, 19 October 2014

Yew Wood Knife Handle Project Pt 2.

Two years ago I started a project to construct a knife handle in Yew wood Yew Wood Knife Handle Project Pt 1

Brostrom 65 Knife
Clearly not a fast worker, so many wonderful distractions to get on with but eventually two years and a new knife blade later the work is complete. I stilled used the Pentacryl soaked wood. I bodged the first piece of yew wood. Its worth saying that it is very difficult to make a handle from a block of wood for a full stick tang knife blade, something that I did not really consider. The wood could have seasoned naturally instead of trying to rush the natural process. So this year after reading endlessly on the web about the different methods of fitting the blade I decided that it was time to go again. Having fitted an antler handle to the Polar blade, I bought another blade from english-handmade-knives choosing a Brostrom 65 short blade.  I repeated the drilling and file work to the second block of Yew wood and could see my self failing again. I stopped took stock and decided to burn the hole for the stick tang blade. After a nervous session of work it actually worked the blank fitting very well. I used a dremmel tool to make the recess housing to to accept the blade, then shaped wood using the dremmel and finally finished hand sanding the handle. A nice teak oil for the handle as a finish. The final part was to fix the blade into the handle this was done by mixing up epoxy resin glue. The overall size of the knife is 113mm in length.

Handle unglued from the blade.
Overall for a first time I am pleased with the work. If I am being critical of my work then the top of the handle should have been in line with the blade something that is easily rectified next time. 

The top of the handle should come down to the blade like the bottom.

A suitable sheath is required, so on the hunt at the moment. I still have aspirations to make my own in the future, but that will have to wait.

I plan to make a couple more handles for knifes now that I have sorted out how to fit full tang blanks.

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  1. nice one paul. i only carve the occasional spoon and these usually end up as kindling.
    and with two girls running around just dont have the time, two years that would be super quick for me
    take care

  2. Hi Clive, keep making them spoons mate even if they end up as kindling keep your hand in.