Saturday, 25 October 2014

Spalted Birch Knife Handle - Polar 77 Blade

After my recent success with the Yew handle. I decided to take the original blade a Polar 77 out of the deer antler I had placed it in a few weeks ago.

Having made cut some blocks of different types of wood up  for knife handles last week I thought I would use a piece of spalted birch. I decided last week to pick up a section of steel to make a copy of the full stick tang enabling me to burn out the hole in the wood.

Mark the shape of the tang from the blade
Cut out using a rotary tool
Once the shape had been drawn onto the steel I cut it out with a rotary tool. Marked my wood handle up in pencil of where the stick tang was going to be cut. The first thing I did was drill the waste out making it a bit easier to burn out later.

Once drilled out its time to burn the hole for the stick tang. Im lucky the wife works Saturday mornings so that's the time to sneak into the kitchen and crack on.

Check the fit as you go along with the blade, remember to place a cover over the blade.....its then a case of shaping and finishing the handle.

Slot for the blade finished

Basic sanding using drum on a drill press.

Eventually you get to this stage

Shaped using a rotary tool finished by hand
A Teak oil finish to the handle
Finished Knife
The handle is attached to the blade with epoxy resin. Well that's another knife complete. the next project will be a neck knife and a whittler.

Thank you for reading.