Monday, 15 September 2014

Birch Kuksa - Recycled.

Having just completed "The Limiter" I found an old Birch Kuksa that I made years ago when I was just getting into carving and before I had started the blog. The cup had been hidden away in the bottom of a drawer out of sight, but found today whilst looking for envelopes. I decided that the bowl was far to shallow and it would be nice to put some sort of simple decoration on the kuksa.

Before work

So, I set about using my Power Carving Cup Rasp to get some real depth to the cup and take some weight out of the walls.

Drill with Rasp fitted
You can see the thickness to the walls of the bowl and shallow depth in the picture above. My old battered work mate held down with blocks of wood.

Change of drill configuration
I found it better to keep the drill firmly locked, static in the workmate and rotate the work by hand. It seemed to produce better results allowing me to feel the areas that required more wood removal.

Finished Kuksa

The walls of the bowl are considerably  thinner with more depth. I tried to hand carve a simple pattern on either side of the handle. The carving did not come out to well its been far to long since I used my micro tools, more practice required.

A nice large Kuksa to drink mead from.

Thanks for reading.


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