Saturday, 16 August 2014

Porcupine Quill & Reed Floats

I mentioned in my post goose feather floats that I had made some quill floats, having just found a couple of pictures I thought a quick update would be in order. Having only made two porcupine quill floats one which was given away. Porcupine quill is quite a hard material to work but gives great results in the finished float.

Reed Wagglers are next on my short blog today. I find making floats some how quite relaxing, that is until the painting stage which actually I find difficult to get a nice and neat finish.

Large waggler
Small waggler
Small stepped insert wagglers
The final two small insert reed wagglers are quite nice coming of at an angle. I'm sure they will perform perfectly. You will notice that I have only placed an eye on one float the other can have a rubber eye fitted over the end.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Paul.
    You have alot of time on your hands.They look great, need an action shot of them floating so to speak. i have a gallon of mead in the basement now thanks for that heads up should be ready for the holidays. take care keep up the great work Clive

  2. Clive, weekend work on the floats. Enjoy that mead mate. Take it easy.