Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goose Feather Floats.

Having spent a weekend with my son and his family a few weeks ago we all went out for a walk to the local lakes. These lakes being the transient home for many geese. Too my delight we manged to collect many feathers.

Over the next week I decided to have ago at making some quill floats. Actually I found them remarkably easy to make after taking off the feathers.

I thought a nice shade of red would look good for the whipping along with a simple dip into fluro paint for the tip. Actually really pleased with the outcome for my first attempt.

The next challenge was to try and make an old fashioned stick float from wood and quill. A bit more of a challenge.

I found a bit of nice unwanted cherry off cut on the floor of my shed and decided that this would make the stick part of the float.

Chopped and stripped the quill and hand carved the small piece of cherry wood to fit the quill. Finishing the wood with Abranet emery cloth. Also applying a beeswax coating to the wood.

The finished stick float. Really happy with the outcome again. Hand whipped over the joint of the quill and stick. Finished with a protective covering.

I have also just completed a couple of Porcupine Quill floats which I really enjoyed making. Home made float making can become habit forming.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Excellent work,thanks for showing.

  2. Roger thanks for your comment.

  3. Clive, I used a small handmade float in Sweden very briefly. As you would expect they are so very sensitive but perform well. Hope your well.