Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beef Jerky

A picture post on making beef jerky.

Ingredients for the jerky marinade. 
Once marinaded for 24 hours the sliced beef is brought out for a bit more work before drying.

Beef in the marinade

Use paper towel to remove excess moisture

Place cling film down on a board

Cover over beef and bash to tenderise the meat.

After tenderising final trim of any excess fat before placing on a drying tray.

Strips of beef on dehydrator tray.

Dehydrator full of beef.

Ready to go.

Most recipes for jerky come from the USA measurements are in cups. Bought from ASDA.
In 7 hours give or take home made beef jerky. Lovely.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Porcupine Quill & Reed Floats

I mentioned in my post goose feather floats that I had made some quill floats, having just found a couple of pictures I thought a quick update would be in order. Having only made two porcupine quill floats one which was given away. Porcupine quill is quite a hard material to work but gives great results in the finished float.

Reed Wagglers are next on my short blog today. I find making floats some how quite relaxing, that is until the painting stage which actually I find difficult to get a nice and neat finish.

Large waggler
Small waggler
Small stepped insert wagglers
The final two small insert reed wagglers are quite nice coming of at an angle. I'm sure they will perform perfectly. You will notice that I have only placed an eye on one float the other can have a rubber eye fitted over the end.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Dehydrating Foods.

Like most people but not all I really enjoy Beef Jerky. Having started eating Jerky many years ago whlist working in Canada. The factory packaged Jerky initially used to taste reasonably good and was sensibly priced. Not so now over priced and eats like tiny portions of rubber. In the past I have tried to Jerk beef in the oven and although coming out well I found it very time consuming threading cocktail sticks through the beef and hanging.

So I decided to take the plunge and invest in a small cheap dehydrator which I purchased from here at Amazon  Digital Food Dryer Dehydrator

The dehydrator arrived very quickly and I put it to work almost instantly with my first batch of beef which had been marinating over night. I researched various beef jerky recipes online and settled on one that I liked here Docs best beef jerky . Having tried to make Beef Jerky before I still had a bottle of Stubbs Hickory Smoke left over which in parts a lovely flavour.
I have just purchased four more bottles, that said there a quite a few recipes that do not call for smoke at all ones to try in the future.

The dehydrator works a treat it and lives up to the good reviews that are posted on the Amazon site. My second batch of beef jerky below.

Second batch of beef jerky
The second batch of jerky I added a teaspoon of Chilli flakes to the marinade and from a personal point of view I enjoy that little bit of extra heat.

Once its dried let it cool, try not to eat it and package for later. Its so difficult not to pick away at the jerky I just love it. I'm not sure if it works out any cheaper, but what I do know is that it tastes a lot better.

Another reason for buying the dehydrator is to have ago at making dried meals for walking. The cost of purchasing ready dried meals from the shops or online retailers is a bit pricey the average meal for about £4 - 5. So although I have not managed to dry a meal currently that is the plan. Watch this space. Information about recipes,techniques and ideas are ready available from many sources on the internet. The old saying is you think that you are blazing a trail then look down to see  its a beaten path pretty much like that with drying food.

My first little footstep into drying other than beef is fruit. Having sliced Apple, Pear, Kiwi,Banana and Strawberry's and dried them they come out very well with quite intense flavors in the mouth. Just going to mix them all up and add some nuts for a simple trail mix.

Well that's about all for the time being.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goose Feather Floats.

Having spent a weekend with my son and his family a few weeks ago we all went out for a walk to the local lakes. These lakes being the transient home for many geese. Too my delight we manged to collect many feathers.

Over the next week I decided to have ago at making some quill floats. Actually I found them remarkably easy to make after taking off the feathers.

I thought a nice shade of red would look good for the whipping along with a simple dip into fluro paint for the tip. Actually really pleased with the outcome for my first attempt.

The next challenge was to try and make an old fashioned stick float from wood and quill. A bit more of a challenge.

I found a bit of nice unwanted cherry off cut on the floor of my shed and decided that this would make the stick part of the float.

Chopped and stripped the quill and hand carved the small piece of cherry wood to fit the quill. Finishing the wood with Abranet emery cloth. Also applying a beeswax coating to the wood.

The finished stick float. Really happy with the outcome again. Hand whipped over the joint of the quill and stick. Finished with a protective covering.

I have also just completed a couple of Porcupine Quill floats which I really enjoyed making. Home made float making can become habit forming.

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Rons Cigar Tray.

Just a few lines to share with you the latest Cigar Tray that was completed a few weeks ago for a friend in the USA.

I shaped and carved the tray sometime ago before sending to a friend Rich G for the laser designs which I had chosen to be applied. As always Rich did a fantastic job thank you.

The graphics applied the tray sat around for a long time before I decided to complete the work and applied the finishing beeswax coats. Actually the wood has benefited from some age allowing the colour of the grains to really come to the fore. I am happy with the way the finished piece looks.

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