Tuesday, 10 June 2014

LuminAid - Solar Powered Light.

During my trip to Sweden Gary had a fantastic little light with him. It was Solar Powered, light and small but when expanded it provided more than an adequate lighting system.

The LuminAid has a very durable plastic covering that is closed with a pop button. It has an On / Off button that also serves as a two positional switch for the light diode low / high. On the front there is a battery charging red light to indicate the unit is topping up. There is also a loop so that you can attach it to say your rucksack so that it can charge during the day whilst on your travels.

Light on low with the rubber folded away.
Light on low with the rubber unfurled.
Once unfurled the rubber bag can be inflated by the use of the simple one way seal able valve. The light then becomes a light globe. The pictures below are I'm afraid the wrong way up. They were hanging from my tree.

Inflated it becomes a light globe.
Rear of inflated light globe.
So all in all a simple reasonably cheap to purchase and use light source that weighs next to nothing but gives more than adequate light. You can use the light diode by itself by folding the rubber globe behind the front portion so you have a small torch. Prices vary when trawling the net but generally £20 give or take a pounds.
The LuminAid worked well for a week in Sweden so I'm pleased to have purchased one.

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