Sunday, 8 June 2014

Honey, Its made from Honey - Mead.

Honey Mead
After returning from Sweden I thought it was time for me to have ago at some homemade mead. I had been contemplating making some wine for a long time. So a recipe was required I found a suitable simple one here river cottage traditional mead honey wine Off to the shops for the required items we went.

With my ingredients purchased I needed to get a Demijohn jar airlock, bung and yeast. We already had sterilising fluid in the form of Milton.

All items being sterilised

The weather was scorching today so I placed the honey on the table outside for 30mins it poured so well.

Warming the honey up

It was actually so easy to make the instructions from the recipe are so simple to follow.

Honey and warmed up spring water.
You have to make a rich water & honey starter and then add it to the demijohn placing in the lemon zest and juice along with the 24 Sultanas. Then shaking like crazy for bit before placing the yeast in the bottle, cork and airlock. That's it really. My home made Blackthorn large spoon shown in the picture is one of my favourite kitchen implements.

I forgot to say I actually made 2 gallons it seemed foolish not to as you have to wait at least 4 months for the fermentation to complete.

I will give you an up date in a few months. Both jars air bubbling away so all is well so far.

Thanks for reading.



  1. well how didi it taste.. just made a batch of cherry mead also known as viking blood should be good will know in a few months take care clive

  2. Clive, its fine but a bit sweet. However we drank it LOL. I now use a recipe call Johns Ancient Orange Mead which you can makein two months. Your recipe sounds great let me know how you get on buddy.

  3. if the meed was too sweet, how about trying a sloe mead. The tartness of the sloe may counteract the sweet of the honey, following the cherry recipie all you would need is 1lb of sloes cut into quarters, worth a shot.
    take care clive

    1. I am sticking to the JAOM recipe with a variation. Made 10 gallons of Summer Fruits (Frozen) mead, wonderful. So we will stick to that and its relatively quick. Be lucky pal.