Saturday, 3 May 2014

Seam Sealing a Tarp.

Having already posted last year about resealing seams briefly in the  Henry Shires Tarptent Moment Garden review.  I thought I would cover it again as I have to seam seal my Army DPM tarp.

I have had this tarp for many years and it has served me well. However, the time has come to do a bit of maintenance to the seams on the inside and outside. I had a few drops of water come through in the centre of the tarp on my last outing.

You require:

100% Silicone I have used aquarium sealer.
White Spirits.
A mixing pot and stirrer.
A applicator in this case is a foam brush.

The required silicone (estimated) is placed into the mixing pot then add a small quantity of white spirits and mix with your choice of stirrer. At first the two products will not want to combine and be careful the spirit can splash around if your to vigorous at the beginning of the mix. In time the two will blend into  together. If you have not added enough spirit add a bit more, if its too runny add some more silicone until you have the consistency you want. I generally mix mine to the consistency of thick home made soup.


Silicone with spirits

Foam brush applicator
Having stretched and pegged the tarp prior to mixing the silicone up its time to apply the soup (sorry silicone). In this case I'm just sealing the centre ribbon of the tarp on both sides, you could go all the way around the stitching if you wanted.

Pegged out!!!
Using your applicator brush the required area with you silicone its worth pointing out at this stage that I find its better to have made to much than too little. I mixed one pot of silicone up for each side separately. Once you have completed you application its time to let it dry. Ensure you check the weather for the day as drying times can vary with the amount of spirit and thickness of the silicone applied.

Silicone sealer applied

Drying out
 Well that's the job complete. Hope you have found this informative.

Thanks for reading.


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