Sunday, 18 May 2014

Recycled Reed Floats

So, just having ago at making Gall Bob floats wasn't enough....I've seemingly been bitten buy the urge to make more floats. Having watched Paul Adams demonstrate how to make reed floats here at time to give it ago, great video.

The first issue I encountered was where to get some reed from, after searching the web and trying to figure where a local water was to get some freebies I came up with nothing.

The winter storms have decimated part of my garden fence and a new panel is required. I tend to cover my panels with decorative reed fencing from Wickes. This was in bits and I had taken the reed fence down. On walking to the shed it dawned on me that perhaps this reed might be suitable for floats!! After rummage through the fence quite a lot was seasoned hard reed. Off I went to work.

Reed I have saved and future projects!
I have to say I will not want for any reed for a while. It was all going in the skip what a find. I had most of all the other the items I needed. However, I went and bought some red & black thread, nail varnish in Pink, yellow and clear gloss.

Choosing the right section of reed.
The reed has been outside for just over a year and has taken on a weathered look which I actually like so no need of any further decorations to the potential float.

Junior hacsaw to cut the section required. 
Having not whipped anything for years it started out as quite a challenge, but I soon got back into the swing of things.

Whipped top and bottom.  
I found that if you put a white base coat on the tip followed by a yellow, subsequently a pink and covered in gloss you get a far better fluro colored tip. I have been experimenting with types of float tip colored indicator markings.

Basic float with tip painted base white, no whipping.
Three of my first floats without yacht varnish on.
The float on the right of the picture was my very first and the color on this not as good as the others. The very last one I made is my personal favorite. However, I noticeably got better as I made the floats.

Floats drying.
The closest float with black whipping was the last and my personal favorite. All have had two coats of Yacht varnish and are drying off.

The finished products. I have to say I have really enjoyed making these floats. I plan to make more. I have ordered some porcupine quills to have ago at next time. I suppose I have been hooked into making floats, I will not be buying anymore....from the tackle shops.

Hope you enjoyed the read.


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