Sunday, 6 April 2014

To Dye For

Having recently purchased an old desert camouflage smock I decided that the pattern was not for me. I thought that it needed a bit of change so dyeing it another colour was the way ahead.

Having completed a bit of research and having dyed a swedish army snow smock and a military jacket before I chose washing machine dylon. I used a forest green before which had turned out well but on the jacket you could still see the pattern. So this time a really dark colour was in order.

Having weighed the smock which came in at around 1.2kgs two packets of dye and salt where required. A bit of a long process having to apply the dye in one wash, followed by another with washing powder remove the jacket, then one more wash to clean the machine. However, the smock came out really well the velcro and stitching did not dye but the buttons took on a nice tinge.

I actually quiet like the two tone type look. The military pattern has disappeared in the dyeing process a  good result.

Having mentioned that I had bought and dyed a swedish army snow smock forest green. I decided that it was time to try and waterproof it. The fabsil gold waterproofer that I had purchased for the tent after reading the instructions seemed suitable!

Swedish Army Snow Smock

The smock is super large but that's no problem better to big than small and can be adjusted with internal waist pulls.

I had an old spray bottle in the shed unused and chose to fill the bottle and spray the fabsil onto the garment it was super absorbent and used all bit a tiny drop of the waterproofer. It is a bit smelly at the moment but that should disappear with time, hopefully though it will repel a shower.

The one litre can of fabsil also covered my old friend the karrimor hot earth 60 litre daysack which I have owned for many years.

So from that one tin of fabsil purchased I have done quite well, tent,daysack and smock. So fingers crossed that it does what it says on the tin I'm sure it will.

Two pieces of clothing finished for my trip to Sweden.

Thanks for reading.


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