Friday, 25 April 2014

The Morning Walk.

When not at work whether that be a holiday or weekend I generally walk part of the Saxon Shore way on the White Cliffs.

I thought I would post a few pictures of my morning walk with Pants. A very misty start to the day but eventually it started to burn away, brightening up as we went.

Rape Seed
We have to cross fields that the public have access along to get to the cliffs. I just love the sight of the yellow rape seed in articular when placed against a blue sky.

Taken a couple of days prior today's walk.
Generally always windy on the cliffs. Its just whether its warm or cool!

Looking back towards Folkestone
We follow the meandering footpath along the edge of the cliff.
The simple Gorse bush but lovely when in blossom.

The walk generally takes me just under two hours about 6 miles in total. I always carry my daysack which weighs 11kgs just to help with the fitness. I walk on average 20 min miles nice and relaxed. I noticed an abundance of Slugs and Snails today whilst out, more than normal. Playing hopscotch trying to not step on the shells of the snails.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder!

Sometimes, I seem to take pictures of random things because I just like the look,shape or textures.The tops of wooden posts in the ground that have rotted away are a haven for seeds to grow. I took a picture of one post top, I just liked the shapes and texture of.

On the way back coming along a rural road I came along some Wasp Galls. I picked a few not really sure what to do with them. I remembered I had read an article on a blog some where that showed you how to make Pike / Perch bob floats out of Wasp Galls. So I may have a bash at making some floats,when I can find that site,watch this space.

Wasp Galls.
Well that's about it for today. I'm off tomorrow for some basic open canoe training should be fun in the rain. A bit of education so as not to embarrass myself when we canoe in Sweden.

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