Sunday, 30 March 2014

Thoughts on Tents.

Firstly, apologies for the amount of time between posts.

Two years ago I decided that I need to sort out my collection of tents. To that end I identified my requirements;  solo trekking, static by myself  and static with family,

Lightweight for walking

I trialed the Gelert Solo (see separate review) on several trips and actually found this little tent provided all my requirements, almost. The biggest drawbacks are the inability to actually perform simple activities such as dressing undressing etc and very limited space for cooking and storage. But a good little tent for the price.

Gelert Garden review
I then in consultation with a friend and endless reading of lightweight tent reviews purchased an Henry Shires Moment DW Tarptent (see separate review) Having used this on two trips I actually love it and wish I had purchased one sooner.

Henry Shires Moment DW Tarptent

Car Static Base Camp Tent

Its nice to sometimes just pitch a base camp at a site and walk out for day trips rather than trekking and wild camping. I thought for quite a long while and again did vast amounts of work on reviews of tents etc trying to find something cheap but suitable. I trawled eBay looking for potential suitable second hand tents. I came across a Vango Hydra 200+ Four Season Tent which would give me room and plenty of protection in the winter months. I paid £45.00 two years ago and only used it twice in that time. However, it was in desperate need of re-proofing so I have taken advantage of the warm weekend to do some maintenance to the flysheet.

Vango Hydra 200+
 The Vango when purchased from eBay was in quite good condition the inner had a few very minor black spots but cleaned off alright. However, the guys were in bad order so I replaced them with new fluro lines and adjusters. No rips or tears in the flysheet and the seam seals are good, however after learning how to reseal seams it holds no fears.

I decided to reproof the outer flysheet with Fabsil Gold Re proofer.

It states that a brush should be used but I decided upon a couple of pieces of sponge which actually worked a treat. Just be careful of overloading the sponges and heavy run off of the proofer. Leave for six hours job done.
Having now looked at the pictures I have not pegged those guys out correctly...message to self for next time. Which will be in a months time when I go away for a few days on the coast.

Static with the family

The final tent is the Outwell Nevada which is kept for use with the wife when we go away walking or camping.

In summary I have three tents covering all aspects of my outdoor needs instead of trying to make do with compromises in some areas. Others may have different ideas or requirements but I'm happy. I could not bring myself to get rid of the Gelert Solo so I have stored it away for my Grandson for when he grows a bit more and we can go walking together.

Thanks for reading.


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