Sunday, 3 November 2013

More Spoons

Cherry (left) &  Spalted Birch

Been busy just carving spoons lately from different woods but trying to standardise the bowl shape a bit. I have been using cherry, lime and a lump of spalted birch which I found at the bottom of the wood pile. I remember that I chucked it away as too wet and forgot all about it, its dried out and looks lovely. I had forgot how tough birch can be.

Lime wood
Simple handle
Its the first time I have carved into Lime wood its easy going and really light when dried. I can never do the same handle, it just seems that I go with what ever way the wood wants to.

Cherry a different handle
Spalted Birch

Having been working with a Dremmel a lot lately making pendants, its been rather nice to just get back to the axe and three knives. I'm really enjoying carving again. Next up some large serving spoons probably.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I think your spoons are fantastic. So glad you also have issues with the handles, I've made lots of spoons and all the handles are different! What do you think about the weight of the lime spoon, I find it too light?

  2. Trebor, yes I agree the lime is a very lightweight wood, I have to say I prefer the Cherry. More practice for the handles they are starting to get better.