Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hook or by Crook.

I have got quite a lot of walking stick shafts seasoning in the shed, some of which have been there for over 3 years. A project that I started in the summer and put away as I got distracted by other things I've decided to finish. The wood is a one piece hazel shaft with enough wood on one end for a type of crook. The first thing to do is determine where the head of the stick will be and start taking away the excess wood. I used a hand saw for this task.

After removing the excess its far easier to work out the exact shape that you want I tend to go with the flow of the wood to determine the finished shape.

So that's the hazel basically roughed out with the top and sides cut back, then I draw on an overall shape I want to produce. After a few hours of hard work that includes the use of the hand axe, mora knives, all different grades of files from flat to round the shape appears from the wood.

I have used various grades of Abronet sanders from 80 - 600 to try and achieve a really polished finish.

So, nearly finished just got to take a bit of the bottom of the stick and apply a finishing coat which may well be beeswax, mineral oil, or polyurethane not made my mind up yet.

Hope you like the stick, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Thanks for reading.


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