Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kauri & Cherry

Having been making pendants out of horn and bone lately, I decided to try a different material. Many years ago my brother gave me a lump of Kauri Gum its sat on my fireplace for over 20 years, yesterday I thought I would have ago at making a small  pendant out of some of the Kauri, it turned out reasonably well.

Today, I sharpened my knives and decided to carve a spoon out of some nice Cherry wood I have had around for some time. Its amazing how quickly you get out of the rhythm of carving, its been a long time since I cut the wood. Eventually I knocked out a quite nice tablespoon for the kitchen.

Cherry Wood

I know that a lot of carvers do not sand their work down, but I actually like to finish mine of with a smooth finish. Its amazing what a drop of Walnut oil will do to bring the work to life and of course it helps with protecting the wood. We have no nut allergy's in our house, other wise you could use food grade mineral oil.

Well just a quick blog, have a good weekend, thanks for reading.


  1. That almost looks like amber .............. hope your well btw (dj and clacky send regards)

  2. Thanks mate all good here. Looks like amber but is actually Kauri Gum from NZ.