Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Pendant Day

My hand carver decided to blow up a few months ago which along with other reasons stopped me doing any work on trying to make pendants in bone. However, a replacement was sourced and arrived Friday, so back to work. The first project I completed was a surfboard carved from bone which I gave away to my son as a gift. I still have to make one more surfboard for someone, the plan was to complete it today Sunday, but its tipping down so I cannot get power to the shed.

I purchased a Water Buffalo Horn from ebay, which arrived last week, my first time working with horn.

Water Buffalo Horn
Before starting on the water buffalo horn project, I had to finish the project I had started when my hand carver burnt out, which was a Whale fluke.

Rear of the flute

A piece of 2mm black waxed cord with sliding stop knots allowing adjustment finished the necklace, a gift for my wife. I'm actually really happy with the way the carving has turned out.

So, having set the equipment up in the shed its time to start the Maori hook in water buffalo horn, having cut a section off then splitting (sawing) the block in half.

Halfed horn block
After choosing the half that I felt best I placed the design on to the horn. The approx size of the hook is quite large.

The next stage was to cut and rough out the work, I used a and fret saw, if I decide to continue making these types of project I need to purchase a small machine.

At this stage its time to use the sander and Dremmel to achieve the finished shape and thickness, following that the time consuming part the finishing which needs to be good if you want a mirror finish.

Again to finish the pendant I added 2mm brown waxed cord finished with sliding knots for adjustments. I now have to get to work on the surfboard when I can.

I'd like to do something in bone, putting some Celtic designs on, running before I walk comes to mind, we will see.

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