Saturday, 31 August 2013

North Down White Cliffs Walk.

Having decided to go for a walk on the Fjallraven next year I have started early with some walks. I have to say that I believe myself to be quite lucky living near part of the North Down Way, so today I packed my training daysack filled with stones and water to a weight of 12kgs and got Pants sorted out and off we went.  The morning started of over cast with a quite a chilly breeze, so I donned my Buffalo wind shirt. The clouds were highlighted by the sun which was trying to breakthrough.

Pants on our approach to the Cliffs.
Last time I went walking was a few weeks ago with Gary & Steve in the Brecon Beacons, both Gary and myself came across a small problem last time we where out we both wear glasses, I am long sighted which makes reading a map very difficult. Gary decided to try a plastic magnifying glass and it worked well, so dragging glasses out and putting them on an then off which is a pain can be avoided, but glasses still carried.

So, I did an email trawl and found the credit card plastic magnifying glass credit card magnifier splashed out and bought two...........used for the first time today a good aid, never took my glasses.

Blackthorn wood with a worn walk through

The plan was to just do a nice relaxing 10 mile walk, 5 miles out and back again, just doing 3 miles to the hour which for me is a comfortable pace with a 12 kg sack. I have to say the scenery was beautiful and encountered only one other person walking a dog in the whole trip.

Dover harbour in the distance
The morning started to brighten up, passing the old military sea defence bunkers and eventually overlooking Dover harbour with the ferry's coming and going, beyond that perched on the cliffs Dover castle.  The National Trust has nominated the white cliffs as one of the Great Britain's top ten autumn festival walks Great British Walks White Cliffs of Dover the walk featured is actually on the other side of Dover, one for later.

Eventually the GPS told me I had completed 5.1 miles outward leg, strangely this wonderful bench was at the same point LOL...I tend to use the App Endomondo which is good for collecting useful data for training, it also verbally calls out the miles completed and time per mile including current total time. I keep a training record online with Endomondo and most of all the basic is free..endomondo

This was the view from the bench, stopped for a water break and took in the view, then turned around and started on the inward route home. The weather really warmed up for the second leg.

We eventually completed the walk in 3 hours 21 minutes and actually I stopped on several occasions to take pictures and chatted to someone close to home, so it could have been quicker walk. I good walk to get my legs moving again.

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  1. NICE ONE - You should have said I could have joined you mate - the hand lens is the future for map reading eh

  2. Hand len's for those who having difficulty reading a map. Your right mate its the future...