Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mermot Helium Membrain Down Sleeping bag.

Lofting Bag
Following my mention of the purchase of the final "big three" the Mermot Helium Membrain arrived tonight. I'm like a little boy with his new toys this sleeping bag completes my heavy three items coming over the 3kg by 340gms I thought it was a bit less but hey I can stand that bit extra, I had never planned to be an Ultra lightweight walker.

The sleeping bag is a regular sized, left sided zip bag and comes with a compression and loft sack. Having rather large shoulders I have always found sleeping bags a bit difficult to purchase, so as soon as it arrived I was eager to ensure that my shoulders were accommodated, thankfully its a great fit close enough to ensure a mummy fit and keep the warmth in without restricting my movement. I am a cold and side sleeper so this Marmot down bag fits the bill fantastically well. I purchased the bag from theoutdoorshop in a clearance sale it was the only one too, bargain. I have been researching down sleeping bags for quite a while, I would have liked a slightly lighter bag however, the trade of for me is the fit. I am happy that my research has paid off.

The loft bag states its a long but the bag itself is a regular, a good 850 fill too. For more details about the Mermot Helium Membrain Down Sleeping bag use the link to go to the Mermot site helium membrain Final thoughts are that once its been field tested on a few winter trips I will write a review.

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  1. You never planned to be a lightweight - but Wiggy infected you with the bug!!

  2. LOL, But you are carrying the same weight in your pack as me !