Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Henry Shires Tarptent Moment DW. The Garden Review.

So, as I commented in my last post "Lets talk about weight" I said that when the Tarptent Moment DW arrived from the USA I would do a quick review. The tent arrived today via customs delivered by Parcel Force. Before delivery I had to pay the VAT and a Post Office handling charge which was nearly as much as the VAT. However, well worth the extra expense.

Well packaged by Henry Shires company and ultra quick from the US to GB, however, once here it took longer than a transatlantic trip to reach me!!

Having only seen the tent on two other occasions and then not the double door version I was excited to open the package and check and erect the tent. The first thing that struck me was the lightness and very small size which should have come as no surprise really but its my first real lightweight tent.

On opening the generous storage bag your straight into the tent. Wrapped inside is a microlight bag containing two aluminium round pegs, with the put together collapsible pole and a detailed instruction guide that also covered helpful hints for getting the best from the tent, also how to seam seal the Moment.

I have had many tents before and I have to say most if not all state the ease with which they can be erected but generally there is always a hitch or ignorance because no instructions came with it and its not so quick and easy! However, the Moment was the simplest and quickest to put up I really was quite amazed. Nothing worse than fiddling with canopy's and poles with cold wet hands after along day out. Those times are long gone with this tent. Perhaps four minutes to put it up, so I will get quicker. Minor adjustments to the set up can be completed at either end of the tent via two simple sliders on the guy ropes. The elasticated put together pole just slides through the centre seamed section and placed into small reinforced webbing pockets positioned at either end with adjusters also at either end. 

Actually, Pants the dog could almost put the tent up its that easy..........However, he was in his normal supervisory role...

I really like the double door layout. So much room for such a light weight tent. I have also added double guys (bought from to both sides of the arch it tends to make the tarp much more stable in high winds  I purchased two Ti pegs that  I heat shrink wrapped Yellow on top for easy recovery.

Both doors rolled up.

One door rolled up.

I love the fact there is quite a bit of admin /storage room either side of the sleeping area, plenty of room inside I'm only 5'9 so its roomy. Simple and lightweight Velcro and elasticated ties are good.

Packing away of the Moment was just as quick and simple as the erection of the tent.

The weather being really good I took the opportunity to seam seal the tent, having got all the relevant bits and pieces prior to the arrival of the tent. I followed the directions on the Tarptent website ( and it really was so simple.

I used AquaMate 100% Silicone (a must) adding White spirits and mixing up with an old twig. I cut the bottom out of an old plastic milk bottle.

The weather was so warm that the Silicone and White spirit mix was drying very quickly. Once I had completed all the seams and tie back points I pasted the sleeping area floor to assist with slippage. Having let the tent weather for 24 hours I packed it away in the dry.

I now await my first trip out in the Moment to find out the good and bad points if any! I write up will follow.

Till next time.



  1. Any further comments on the Moment?

  2. Hi Paul thanks for the review, interested to hear whether you've used the Moment DW yet? Just wondering how it would stand up to Scottish weather - rain - gales......????
    Cheers Helen

  3. Hi, yes I have used the Moment on several occasions including a week canoeing in Sweden. However, I have not taken it into the highlands in real foul weather. So I cannot give you any advice their but it has performed well in every outing I have taken it on. On Henry's site there are pictures of the Tarptent all over the world have a trawl around you might get the answers you seek. The Tarptent has been worth every penny so far. Enjoy the wilds of Scotland I would be interested to hear how you get on. Thanks for reading.

  4. Hi Paul, I have a few questions about the tent if that's ok. First, how did it stand up to serious wind in the highlands (That's where I need to use it!). Next, I've heard the zips break, how have yours been and do they open from the top and the bottom? Also I wanted to know how much the inner retracts to enhance the vestibule space? Thanks for any help - it's a lot of money and I need to get it right!

  5. Hi Jay,
    I have not been to the highlands I'm afraid. However, I have used the Tarptent in serious winds whilst packing around France. It stood up well flexed well didn't loses its pegging. What you do have to get right is the seam sealing on the same trip the heavy driving rain did highlight a tiny area that I had missed and the water weaped in slightly, it has been sealed again and is fine. I have to say the zips have been fine on all my trips. The zips do tend to get stuck on the flysheet zip cover I do not know why, I just put my thumb underneath as a guide, no biggie. The inner zips open both ways with double zips. In regards to the inner vestibule size difficult to give an exact dimension however I can get my Lightweight Ultra Hike 60

    on its side with space to set up for a brew or cooking on a lightweight stove if required. You can get a lot of wind under the flysheet and with only a lightweight inner can be chilly at times, I did look at investing in a full inner but decided against it.

    Hopefully I have answered your questions to a greater or lesser degree.

    It seems that I have only spoken about negatives. I have to say I love my Tarptent, its light,simple to carry, easy to pitch weather tight and well made.

    Your right they are a lot of money for me personally it was a good purchase as it suits my needs. I would say its not a full 4 season tent! Tarptent do other styles.

  6. Brilliant, thanks! I really fancy this tent. I've been looking at the Telemark ULW which seems to be about the same weight, and have been dithering. But I love the idea of two doors and the adjustable vestibules! I just needed a tent under 1kg, but living space is important to me on long trips up North. Great post that you linked to above. Weight is so important to me. I'm 5 foot nothing and weight under 50kg. In the past I've walked with a 25kg pack - over half my weight! I absolutely can't do that any more so this is all part of trying to slimline so I can enjoy walking again! Really appreciate your feedback :-).

  7. Jay, No problems. Enjoy your walking mate.