Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sap Walnut Cigar Ashtray Pt 1.

My latest project is a cigar ashtray made out of sap walnut. I was given some walnut limbs and trunks the wood had been sitting outside for years and was sodden. So here we go.

Walnut Limb

Section cut from the limb. (Grunsfors Small forest Axe)
Split with the axe
I decided on the right length I required and sawn a section off then split the piece with the axe and wood hammer.

I then chose the halved piece that I wanted and axed it down. I then roughed the sides off with a wood planer it makes it easier to draw the dimensions onto the wood.

The hard work then starts roughing out the bowl area.I am using a 3/4 Curved gouge and a hook knife for smoothing off.

I tape my fingers up to stop them blistering when using the hook knife for long periods of time.

Because the wood was so damp I decide just to rough the work out with Abranet 80 grit for the time being.

My No17 curved gouge with my home made mallet made from seasoned blackthorn wood. The roughed out work is drying out at the moment and when its ready the final clean will happen and a finish applied I'm not sure what finish will be used yet.

Thanks for reading as soon as the Cigar ashtray is finished I will post, lets hope it does not check!!!!


  1. Michael Tovarez17 March 2014 at 13:18

    I'm sorry that I'm late to comment on this. (It's over a year later). But I wanted to say how beautiful this looks. Great work!

    1. Thank you for your comment Micheal.