Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tragedy Teaspoon

I decided today after a tidy up of all my wood that I would design a new shape cigar ashtray and then carve it out of the other half of the maple that I had used last week. I roughed the work out, marked it up which took forever to try and get right. Then started to cut out the excess wood around the planned design. I was using a mortice chisel to rough the side out then disaster a large chunk of wood splintered away from the area that had been planned to be the bowl. I tried to see if I could reshape the work but, you gotta know when to quit, so the work went into the wood scrap box.

So feeling a bit deflated by it all and knowing the Rugby International's were playing today and by this stage not a lot of time left before kick off.  I needed a confidence builder so from the scrap box I pulled out a really knurled piece of rock hard, seasoned Blackthorn, but I could see a spoon in there. Splitting Blackthorn is so unpredictable due to the knots etc. It split well right up to the final stage, when it came away early, clearly not going to be a good day. The piece that had split away was very thin but I decided to carve a teaspoon from it. So below please see my offering of a tiny tragedy teaspoon. Actually, I really enjoyed this little piece of work took about an hour to do.

Thank goodness for the rugby this afternoon.

Blackthorn Wood

Finish applied, Walnut Oil.

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