Tuesday, 22 January 2013

White,Green & Tools

Yesterday lunchtime I decide to go for a walk in the woods. I have to say that despite all the disruption that the snow brings it also gives us some picturesque and at time's stunning views. What I was surprised to see despite the sub zero temperatures and snow is that Mother nature never stops her relentless move to grow. I stopped at a Hazel tree for a moment and despite the snow covered limbs of the tree there were small beacons of bright green, new shoots, amazing. So for my first post in the New Year, its not carving but the beauty of  Green shoots and White snow in pictures. Hopefully, I will be back in the shed carving very soon and perhaps one of the first tasks will be to complete a project that for some reason I shelved last year the Yew knife handle. Just never seemed to get around to completing the project.

Green new shoots - Hazel.

This year its time to invest in some new tools to I currently use a Grunsfors Brucks Small Forest Axe for my carving and all though not originally bought for the task it has served me well. However, it is quite cumbersome for prolonged use. So, a new axe, I have to say that Grunsfors make great axes despite the cost, so again I have decided to purchase a Grunsfors, the Carving Axe with a double bevel.

Two other tool items that I intend to purchase are a twca cam knife and a curved adze's. I intend to try and make some large wooden bowls and more Kuksas this year, hopefully. I keep saying to myself I am going to make a horse for carving well that is already in hand and hopefully will be in use shortly.


  1. Lovely shots of the snow - we didn't get much settling around this way. Good to see the hazel buds already stirring. I fancy one of those carving axes. I have the Gransfors carpenter's axe which has been a useful all-rounder but I reckon I should have saved up and gone for the carver. Let us know how you get on with it. Cheers, Rob

  2. Once the axe is in use i will give a small review.