Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Spoons

It's been about four months since I posted any work. It seems incredible that here we are on Christmas Eve. Anyway, having been out in the woods and decided to carve a couple of spoons. I just seem to have been working on spoons this year! Quite an emotional year and my focus has been taken away from my carving for several reasons. However, back to the spoons.

The first spoon is carved from hazel and finished off with a small decoration to the rear of the spoon.

An unusual shape bending up and to the right but I quite like the way it has come out of the wood, just let the wood lead the way.

Next from a similar piece of wood an extreme right angle spoon. Not sure if it will ever be used I just liked the shape of the wood to start with carving a tear drop type bowl.


Not sure why but I could not get them to stay in portrait for the blog. My final offering again in Hazel is a small spoon which I enjoyed carving, the bowl is more an oblong shape.

So thank you for dropping in over the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Thank you until next time.



  1. Very shapely and useful spoons - they look good for dipping into what's simmering on the stove to taste how it's coming along.

    Wishing you happy carving days in 2013.

  2. Rob,thanks. All well here just finding time to carve at the moment. Kindest regards to you too.