Thursday, 16 August 2012

Spoons a plenty.

So I did say in a previous blog that I was getting back into whittling spoons. So here we have a few spoons that I have just completed over a couple of days. All carved in Cherry wood.

Grunsfors Small Forest Axe & Mora Knife

I decided to carve a small design shape on the rear it came out quite well. I m starting to add little motives / designs but still got a lot of practising to do.

Cherry spoon with Walnut oil added.
 The next spoon was carved as a gift for my neighbour I love the shape of the bowl I must try that design / style again almost serving spoon size too.

Walnut Oil applied
The next few pictures are not of a spoon but a small shovel / scoop just thought I would try something different still carved in Cherry wood.

Roughed out with the axe
Marked up and starting to carve with the Mora crook & straight knife.
Easier sometimes to work with the Mora detail knife.

The cherry wood was still green and I found that it very difficult to get a really nice finish. However I got there in the end.
Again I tried a bit of detailing I found it quite difficult not sure I like it.

A beeswax finish this time.

The finished article I need more practise on the detailing.
Hope you have enjoyed my short blog. Thanks for reading.


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