Saturday, 4 August 2012

Spoon Spalted Beech

I decided to have ago at that Spalted Beech that I commented on in my last post. I actually thought it was rotten when it split whilst trying to baton it out. However, I perceived mainly it was just so wet but as I progressed with the work it dried out amazingly well. I generally name my spoons but one did not come to mind so "Its spoon with no name"

Beech spoon finished but no oil applied 
I like to finish my spoons with walnut oil far better than Olive Oil.

Finished spoon with oil on below its not until the oil goes on that the grain comes to life and all that hard work pays off.

Its a very light spoon I will let it dry out completely before I use it in the kitchen. Thanks for reading.



  1. Another interesting spoon. I don't think I've seen spalted timber used in a spoon before.

    1. I have used spalted wood only once before and the wood was from Blackthorn bush. I believe their is a picture of it in one of my early posts. I have carved Kuksa's that have been spalted. I always try and keep an eye ot for this type of wood as it provides lovely colours and graining.