Thursday, 16 August 2012

Spoons a plenty.

So I did say in a previous blog that I was getting back into whittling spoons. So here we have a few spoons that I have just completed over a couple of days. All carved in Cherry wood.

Grunsfors Small Forest Axe & Mora Knife

I decided to carve a small design shape on the rear it came out quite well. I m starting to add little motives / designs but still got a lot of practising to do.

Cherry spoon with Walnut oil added.
 The next spoon was carved as a gift for my neighbour I love the shape of the bowl I must try that design / style again almost serving spoon size too.

Walnut Oil applied
The next few pictures are not of a spoon but a small shovel / scoop just thought I would try something different still carved in Cherry wood.

Roughed out with the axe
Marked up and starting to carve with the Mora crook & straight knife.
Easier sometimes to work with the Mora detail knife.

The cherry wood was still green and I found that it very difficult to get a really nice finish. However I got there in the end.
Again I tried a bit of detailing I found it quite difficult not sure I like it.

A beeswax finish this time.

The finished article I need more practise on the detailing.
Hope you have enjoyed my short blog. Thanks for reading.


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Spoon Spalted Beech

I decided to have ago at that Spalted Beech that I commented on in my last post. I actually thought it was rotten when it split whilst trying to baton it out. However, I perceived mainly it was just so wet but as I progressed with the work it dried out amazingly well. I generally name my spoons but one did not come to mind so "Its spoon with no name"

Beech spoon finished but no oil applied 
I like to finish my spoons with walnut oil far better than Olive Oil.

Finished spoon with oil on below its not until the oil goes on that the grain comes to life and all that hard work pays off.

Its a very light spoon I will let it dry out completely before I use it in the kitchen. Thanks for reading.


The TJ Porridge Spoon

So it seems i'm drifting back into whittling spoons again. My Dremmel gave up the ghost last week just as I was finishing of a Whale Flute (Tail) carved pendant in beef bone. So until I purchase a new one its back to spoons, actually quite relaxing and not very time consuming. I made my self a nice porridge spoon a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would make one for my young grandson. So here we go.

Porridge spoon Birch wood
The spoon was carved from a straight piece of Birch  

I originally was shown how to choose a piece of wood with a nice curve in it for the shape of the handle. However, it can take quite a while to find such a piece. I find it easier just to carve the shape in. The spoon is about the size of a teaspoon. Rubbed back through numerous grades of sandpaper. I raised the grain twice in warm water before rubbing back again. I do not want splinters in the little chaps mouth. Eventually finished of with a coat of walnut oil. You will not taste this at all just helps the wood.

Hope you like the spoon. I have just found some spalted Birch might be very hard but I might be able to carve a good spoon.

As always thanks for reading stay safe till next time.


Beautiful or Beastly

I have been wandering around and taking some pictures of fallen,dead or partially alive tree stumps. I find them quite artistically beautiful. They do however say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So make a comment if you would like. It is a very heavy picture post but what do you think.