Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bone Surfboard Pendant

I started thinking about carving into Beef bones after my first attempt at bone carving with Tristan's White Whale carved into deer antler. After some research about bone carving, I decided to go down to the local Pet store and try and fine me a beef bone. The only ones that I could find were stuffed with fillings so I go and buy two came to about £4. The next step was to empty the bones of filling which was promptly eaten up by Pants. I then washed the bones out and let them dry for about a 3 days. I was unsure what design to experiment with eventually going with the surfboard.

Beef bone halved
Once in the shed I halved the bone by sawing no mean feat in itself. Then drawn a surfboard onto one half of the bone. The next step was to cut the rough shape out this was completed using a fret saw. Then it was a case of working on reducing the thickness of the bone. A belt sander was my preferred means to achieve the right thickness at the same time I sanded the shape into the bone.

From that point on it was a case of using small files and a Dremmel to achieve the desired shape and finish. Finally, I used very rough to smooth grades of emery to get a good finish the last sanding was done using polish and wire wool. The final coat was pure beeswax applied several times. I have to say that there was some grease transferred into the bone from the filling that you can see in the top picture, however, this did not ruin the finish in my opinion. A small hole was drilled with the Dremmel for a length of waxed cord to go through to finish the surf board pendant off. A gift for my son if he wants it.

Black 0.8mm waxed cotton cord.
Perhaps the hardest part of making this small object was trying to get the actual realistic surf board shape, I think that it is quite close, still its not as if we are going to surf on it.......

Hope you enjoyed this small post. Thank you for reading and stay safe until the next time.


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