Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bone Surfboard Pendant

I started thinking about carving into Beef bones after my first attempt at bone carving with Tristan's White Whale carved into deer antler. After some research about bone carving, I decided to go down to the local Pet store and try and fine me a beef bone. The only ones that I could find were stuffed with fillings so I go and buy two came to about £4. The next step was to empty the bones of filling which was promptly eaten up by Pants. I then washed the bones out and let them dry for about a 3 days. I was unsure what design to experiment with eventually going with the surfboard.

Beef bone halved
Once in the shed I halved the bone by sawing no mean feat in itself. Then drawn a surfboard onto one half of the bone. The next step was to cut the rough shape out this was completed using a fret saw. Then it was a case of working on reducing the thickness of the bone. A belt sander was my preferred means to achieve the right thickness at the same time I sanded the shape into the bone.

From that point on it was a case of using small files and a Dremmel to achieve the desired shape and finish. Finally, I used very rough to smooth grades of emery to get a good finish the last sanding was done using polish and wire wool. The final coat was pure beeswax applied several times. I have to say that there was some grease transferred into the bone from the filling that you can see in the top picture, however, this did not ruin the finish in my opinion. A small hole was drilled with the Dremmel for a length of waxed cord to go through to finish the surf board pendant off. A gift for my son if he wants it.

Black 0.8mm waxed cotton cord.
Perhaps the hardest part of making this small object was trying to get the actual realistic surf board shape, I think that it is quite close, still its not as if we are going to surf on it.......

Hope you enjoyed this small post. Thank you for reading and stay safe until the next time.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tristans White Whale

Well, having said that I had been distracted by different types of carving /whittling etc. What happens but I get this bright idea to make my little grandson a small gift. So I have some antler thats been in the shed for a few years bits I have not used. I find a suitable small design of a Whale and its off to the shed.

I was surprised how simple the work was, mind you I did not stretch myself with the Whale design!! I marked the outline in after smoothing the antler flat. Then went to work with a small fretsaw using mini files to get into the tight spots.

I have a Dremmel type power tool that came in super handy. A cutting disc was used to get into the Whale flute area and made the mouth slot. A small hole for his eye using a 1mm drill bit.

Just to give you some idea of size a five pence coin is laid at the side of the Whale. I have ordered some 0.6mm Black waxed Cotton cord to hang the Whale. I needed to make a toggle for the cord at the back this was made from seasoned Blackthorn wood and a centre cut made with a cutting disc. This was perhaps the hardest part of the build as it is so small rubbed down and finished with beeswax.

The little White Whale was rubbed down through various grades of emery and when ultra smooth finished with multiple layers of natural Beeswax. I have to say I am quite pleased with the piece it took only a couple of hours to complete.

The White Whale will be a small gift for my grandson when next we meet. I am looking forward to having a go at another bone carving maybe something a bit larger.

Two posts in a day!! Thank you for reading until the next time stay safe.

The Countryside

Well its been such a long while since I posted that it sort of makes sense just to update the blog with some pictures that I have been taking whilst on my travels through the countryside. So hear we go and in no particular order.
Poppy's in a Wheat field

The humble Thistle but lovely in a Wheat field
The top three pictures were taken today on my morning walk with Pants. The two tone light and grey sky was really a  lovely sight. Simple pictures but very pleasant on the eye. I love the wild poppy's and offset beautifully by the colored wheat.

Woodland Brown Butterfly
Again not the most beautiful of butterfly's the Woodland Brown in most peoples opinion but delicate and well painted,but I like them.

Foxgloves gone mad. 
Wild Rose
Simple wild flowers like the Rose beautiful on the eye and sometimes with a wonderful fragrance, we sometimes just walk by the hedgerows. Its all there to look at.

Wild Rose
Wild Blackberry in flower
Elder flower
I was going to make some Elder flower Champagne this year as the flower heads looked so large. I even sourced a simple recipe, however, like a lot of things it passed me by! Oh well there is always next year.

The simple wild Honeysuckle is in abundance along with a lot of other wild plants more than likely due to the massive amount of rain this year.

Azure Blue damselfly
Beautiful Damselfly 
Home for a couple of days nice to be in the countryside. Carved a couple of items, one being a spoon.
Being a whittler I made a spoon. Named "The Porridge spoon" Carved from Hazel.

It was a straight piece of Hazel I carved the bend.

Well that just brings me up to date with my pictures. However, just started another small walking stick project.

A one piece large Hazel shaft. This has been seasoning for just over 2 years.
Cheeks cut away
Work in progress
Once I have completed the work I will of course post all the pictures of the stick...if the project turns out well. I keep being distracted by other areas of whittling / carving /wood work. I am intrigued to try and carve into bone/antler. I have made a few antler walking sticks all of which I have given away. However, I thought I might have ago at making perhaps a Maori hook neck pendant currently doing some research on this project.

As always thank you for reading. I wish you good health.