Saturday, 7 January 2012

Early morning walk by the sea.

I arose early this morning. The working week had given us some appalling weather but this Saturday it looked nice. I popped the dog in the car and drove 10 mins to the sea front. Very little wind quite warm for this time of year lovely. There will be few words in this post but the rising of the sun was fantastic and I wanted just to share the morning with you through some photographs.

Despite a seemingly quiet morning cloud from the North West started to come over. What this allowed was the rising sun to start to reflect of the clouds.

Private Pants waiting for the Sun to rise.

Sun up lovely
Starting to cloud up on the way back
On the way home it went deepest black I thought we were going to get soaked, however, all of a sudden we had a wonderful Rainbow, and no rain.

Rainbow, what a wonderful sight.
All in all a truly refreshing morning giving me a lift after some recent news. Life is good..


  1. That's fantastic light bouncing off the clouds. The light changes so fast this time of year.
    Looking forward to following progress on your yew knife handle.

    1. It was just one of those almost magical mornings Rob. I'm glad I managed to make a small record of it. The Yew blocks have been out of the Pentacryl for 9 days, I think there still drying though. Pt 2 to follow in a couple of weeks.