Saturday, 21 January 2012

Car Fragrant Wood Spiritman.

I used to carve little wood spirits into walking sticks just add to the stick. However, I have progressed and was asked to make Wooden Pipe Tampers with the little wood spirit face, this I did as you can read about in my other posts. I have not carved a simple wood spirit for some time, but I thought I would like to make a wood spirit carving for the car. I tend to use Blackthorn wood for the carvings, do not ask me why but they seem to come out well generally. However, it was clear to myself that I was struggling to get this little piece completed. Whilst in the process of carving I thought it might be nice to try and make the carving into a wooden fragrance for the car. I have seen the wooden little fragrant apples that you can buy in supermarkets, so why not have a go.

Blackthorn wood

So, carving duly completed although not completely happy with the result, but never mind.

I wandered into the house I knew that we had the fragrance sticks that you soak and then turn upside down and they emit a pleasant smell. So I raided the cupboard and did a home trial of soaking a wooden carving in the smelly fluid. If it works on bamboo sticks, why not my carving. Experiment still ongoing, I drilled a small hole in the top of the carving to except a small piece of elasticated cord, so that it can hang in the car.

Soaking in fragrance
Here, is the carving soaking in the liquid an old Chinese food container (they are always handy) houses the little experiment. I will leave it over night and see how it goes in the morning and place it in the car.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good experiment. I might try something along these lines to spirit away the pong in our car. Hope it works!

  2. It certainly smells well as its soaking.