Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sunny Winter Day

Winter sunshine

I managed to finally get out into the woods on Friday. The day before had been a miserable day windy (but no where as bad as Scotland) and driving torrential rain. The sun came out eventually and actually when in the sunshine it was very pleasant. I took a few pictures of the scenery on my travels. I used to take a camera with me but I found that actually it was just another large item to carry. I invested in a decent phone that had a camera I chose the Nokia E72. All of my pictures apart from the very first posts have been taken with the phone. Clearly there are some down sides with just a phone camera but for me it's a trade off which I find acceptable.

Always on the look out for future potential pieces of wood for carving I spied a lovely large Birch Burl. However, its too high and large to attempt to make a sensible cut.  

Theirs a free Kuksa in there somewhere.

The seasons all have there own beauty but some how despite the cold I find Winter a good time to be in the woods. I like the fact that you can see right into the usually dense woods / undergrowth. The leaves have all fallen a crisp sound under foot but the silence that the trees bring without the rushing sound of there branch's and leaves. Yet of course there is still colour at this time of year. I suppose the tree that almost says winter / Christmas to me is the Holly the female trees produce the berry no bearing Holly's are male. 

Female Holly tree.
My little walk took over the open heath land that the wild Exmoors & Dartmoor pony's live. They were busy grazing trying to fatten up for the long winter ahead. They do look in great condition.

Who are you looking at ?
Good looking animals.
Because we had a real heavy downpour earlier in the week I always like to check the water features to ensure that there are no problems with drainage. The reflection's on the water at this time of the year with the sun low in the sky are great for pictures.

I spotted normal animal suspects out and about the grey squirrel down from the trees feeding. The fallow deer are busy grazing in small herds and a quick spot of a green woodpecker. I was only out for a short stroll so not much to talk about. Thanks for reading have a nice holiday to all.

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