Sunday, 11 December 2011

Recycled Teaspoon

I did mention that I would make a quick post if I carved some spoons for the Cranberry sauce and Onion Marmalade that I made yesterday. I decided that perhaps that I could recycle some old practice spoons that had been made. I found a couple of likely candidates. The bowls of the spoons where really thick not nice to the feel. Out came the Mora Frost spoon knife a quick nibble away at the bowl and I was just about there resulting now in a nice thin feel in the carved bowl. Then the cleaning up with the Abranet sanding sheets that I rate so highly mentioned in previous posts. This little teaspoon is carved from Sycamore wood. The grain is unusual it looks like the wood has not been finished and very light in colour. So just a few shots of the spoon in the dish that will be used at the table. I finished the spoon with a Walnut oil. Just got to complete some more work on the other spoon but that can wait for another day.

On a different subject. We plan to have our camping  holiday in Wales next year and we will be purchasing a new tent similar to this:
When we purchase I will do a garden review before use, watch this space.

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