Saturday, 10 December 2011

Not strictly Woodland..........

So, although not strictly Woodland, Bushcraft or Carving I thought I would just drop a quick post to inform people of the benefits of making some of their own accompaniments to Christmas meals. Last Christmas I decided too make my own Cranberry sauce it was such a success that I have made another batch. The deciding and overriding thought was that mass produced sauces have no flavour and for the price per unit it was not value for money. The Cranberry sauce freezes very well so that it can be made well in advance, freezing takes nothing away from the taste. I used the following recipe from bbcgoodfood Cranberry sauce the only addition that I decided to add was a little tipple of Gin, that of course is a measured amount!!!!!
Home made Cranberry sauce
I use the plastic dishes that Chinese / Indian takeaways come in they are just great for storage, well you have payed for them. There are never transferable tastes either. The picture above has another plastic storage dish underneath the oblong top one. The Cranberries came in at 250g for £1.50, I purchased two punnets, I also bought fresh oranges for their juice. The sauce will complete Christmas / Boxing day with the two small punnets for the kids too take away with them. I think that the time is worth the effort.

We tend to eat quite a bit of Pate / cold meats over the festive season so this year I also chose to make a nice accompaniment, Red Onion Marmalade again the recipe can be found here bbcgoodfood red-onion-marmalade  I bit more complex for me....and more ingredients, however, I can read and follow simple directions. I have to say that it took about 3 hours this morning to complete the marmalade. It has just finished cooling. I placed the marmalade into some small vacum sealed jars that I bought some time go for another project they served really well. I washed and oven sterilised the jars and lids before placing in the marmalade.
Nice little fancy jars bought on line.
I have to say that the taste of the marmalade is wonderful (modest) well worth making again but not just for the holidays.
Left overs for tasting later
I have some nice simple pot  / saucers for serving both accompaniment's in. I think I might carve two nice simple teaspoons tomorrow to go with the dishes. I have some Cherry wood knocking about in the shed somewhere!! I will post if I make some. Thanks for reading.

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