Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Out and about again.....

Despite the rain today I managed to get out and was lucky enough to get some little breaks in the rain to get some sunshine. I will post some pictures I took. I have forgotten some photos that I ment to publish some time ago. I hope you enjoy.

Mr Woody Pecker at work
He can be a busy bird
This is why we should leave some old rotten trees
Even in winter the woods can be pretty
Lunch time tea
The following pictures I took in the summer that I found fascinating see what you think!!

Good enough to live in!!
No mortgage issues here
Explaination of what you have been looking at.
This Mesolithic house has been reproduced at the Ashdown Forest vistors centre. Well worth a look if your in the area. I just loved the house and would not mind living in it. Oh, for the simple life.

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