Monday, 28 November 2011

Hobo and Stick day.

I visited the woods today and as I generally do took my daysack that is kept permanently packed just top the water bottle up. Whats in there just about all you would need for a 48 hour stop out minus the tarp and bag.

This daysack was kindly given to me by my friend Gary Wale from it serves me very well. When its time for tea then I drag out my home made Hobo Stove.

Hobo stove
On the left of the picture my boiling vessel made from a stainless steel tea caddy attached is a portion of bike brake cable held in position by fishing swivels pop riveted in place. The wires are joined using electrical connectors with the plastic removed two steam holes drilled in the lid and to top it all off a small hand made beech handle.
To the right of the boiling vessel (BV) is the grate made from a stainless steel kitchen utensils holder a square section ground out to allow for kindling etc. Two skewers that fit through the holes in the grate allow you to vary the height of the BV. Te round tin to is an old steel hard boiled sweet tin that serves two purposes one to hold the hexamine if required as an alternate fuel and the lid acts as the grate for the hexamine. The BV and grate were purchased from Wilkos at very little cost I had the rest of the bits and bobs in the shed along with the tools. Very cheap but good stove. Downside its a bit bigger tan I would have liked but that's ok.

Hexamine on the lid of the cherry tin.
Today, I decided to use natural fuels and started the fire with Birch bark and twigs all sourced just a couple of metres away.

I often just use the BV by itself to boil up and insert a boil in the bag you can just get two in at a push. I tend to use a home made tripod from wood with a home made wooden hanger the pot works fine. Enough for one.

Tea and lunch.
That just about it for my little Hobo.

I have been working on a couple of walking sticks for friends both with antler heads, I completed them just today see what you think!

Downey birch shaft with leather binding.

Finished off with Polyurethane

Hazel shaft with paracord binding

Finished off with Polyurethane 
Hope you like them, thanks for looking in.


  1. I love your blog. Would like to get out into the Cotswolds here in Gloucestershire more but time is not on my side up here. Re carving on sticks, have you seen my post on my sticks? It's the one previous to the Brothers. The eyes can be tricky but I've studied stone carvings and use a similar approach. That said some of the most effective carvings of spirits I've seen use very little detail in the eyes. If you want to contact me via email direct. You share some of your knowledge in boiling and salting etc and I can reciprocate re carving eyes. ��

    Regards Dave

  2. Dave thanks for your kind comments.